Nie możesz teraz tego zrobić

This is the second time when I write a review of the album after the concert of a band. And I wonder … is it good? Will my opinion not be even more subjective (I know, I know, opinions are usually subjective)? Honestly – I treat the CD as an addition to the concert. They are a substitute for what is sometimes not given to us to hear live. This time I succeeded. Are you curious to which lands the “We Suffer in Silence” album took me?
The Writing the Future band was created at the beginning of 2010. This four boys from Sweden are the embodiment of energy, passion and a very friendly attitude to their fans. Oh, such “Teddy Bears” 😊 Their music is dominated by heavy sounds combined with more delicate electronic and classic elements. In their lyrics they contain emotions, experiences from their own lives and reflections on what was and what will be.
The cover of the album is not complicated, but how emphatic in the message. Male hands emerging from the dark like a zombie and almost choking a young girl standing in the middle. You can see that she is trying very hard to free herself from the tormenting thoughts, she wants to scream out … Or maybe not? Perhaps her hands around her symbolize her panicky desire to keep her emotions alone. Graphics seemingly obvious, but not entirely.

Inside the digi-pack you will find a book with lyrics and of course – a record. I really like the printed part – it has a rough texture. After touching the fingertips and with closed eyes almost feel this dirt thoughts combined with anxiety. In my opinion – a genius sensory treatment.
And now I like something that I like the most from the additions to metal bands – a book with lyrics. Very often it is useful when the vocalist uses growl or other extremely … intense types of singing 😊 This time I was most interested in the introduction written by Rasmus Löhaj, vocalist Writing the Future. The man describes the story of the posting of the songs that were on the album. He also mentions the twofold meaning of the texts and includes a heart-catching message addressed to the listeners. I read the introduction a bit unnecessarily before writing a review (probably because it will be a bit focused), but I really like the greater amount of text in this type of additions. Well, I just could not resist!

Unfortunately, I do not like two things, namely the size and style of the font. If you would like to find a part of the song quickly, then you probably need to search with a magnifying glass. 😊 By using the font, some words may be difficult to read at first glance.
Sit comfortably now, readers. I will tell you a story heard in distant Swedish lands. Well-known in a small town with an old house and an oak. You know, where the great eagle had a nest.


It was evening. In the window from the oak side, the candle light was on. A boy curled up in a corner of the window opened a corner. He pressed the plush fox firmly to his nest. The mascot was patched in many places, faded, it missed one eye. The second one was replaced with a button. You can see that the fox has already gone through a lot.

Nikolas sniffed and wiped a tear from his cheek. Today was his ninth birthday. Nobody even sang him “Happy Birthday”, let alone gifts. Last year he got a rag to clean the floor in his room – it was not a dream gift, but it was … He spent the whole day struggling with indifference from the family. He also didn’t have friends at school, because he didn’t fit in with the “norm” of theirs interests. He loved to follow the eagles hidden among the branches of trees, to watch the aurora flowing lazily across the sky and sing songs for trees. But above all, he had a great imagination. It was she who helped him survive the worst moments. Moments he experienced at every turn …

The door slammed and quick steps.


The boy drops the fox to the floor.

He hears his mother’s screams, but from a distance. A stream of tears runs down his cheek, but Nikolas clenches his lips heroically – he won’t get a squeak out of him.

The mother tugs the boy’s arm, leads towards the door. He tries to free himself, he calls, asks her to let fox with him.

– You want your flea friend, right? Here.

The sound of fabric dart. Wad pouring out of the interior like feathers from stripped geese.

The child’s shrill scream.

– No!!!

No one can hear him … He lost his closest friend and got a blow straight in the shoulder instead.

Nikolas couldn’t  stand it – he caught the remains of his beloved fox and before his mother protested, he jumped out of the window. He ran, how much strength in his legs ahead. He did not know where, he did not know why – away from the hated family. He hated his mother with all his strength … He could not shout her in the face, something held him back …

The boy stopped. He did not even notice when he came so far into the depths of the forest that he could no longer see the sky with the stars. His pants were tousled by a thicket of blackberries, blood seeped from the small wounds. Only now did he feel how tired he was. But not physically, and …

He walked a few steps forward and paused. Something was wrong …

Spasmodic crying broke the silence of the forest. Nikolas, running, lost the remains of his plushie … Now he finally gave free rein to his emotions. He dropped to his knees and began to rub his hands with his moss. A stream of tears crumpled the child’s dirty face. Birds from sleep were waking up in curses. Suffering hidden for so many years reached its zenith. Now he was alone, he could finally shout the EVERYBODY to the world. Now…

… what to do now?

So many memories, so much hatred, rejection, misunderstanding … Is he able to lift it now?

Nikolas sniffed. He stared at the ground. There was madness in his eyes. A quick look at the nearby branches.

His fingers involuntarily went to the shoes and began to pull out the laces from them …

Shaking hands were tying knots …

– Do not do this.

– Who’s there?!

Nikolas threw off his shoes and the would-be death tool, he looked around. Green light warmed up.

The boy’s eyes appeared woman in a long white dress. A crown of flowers and forest fruits rested on the wavy blond hair. Her face was delicate, her eyes were smiling. The stranger stretched both her arms toward Nikolas.

– Don’t be afraid of me, Nikolas. I am Hlín, I bring consolation to all who need it.

Each word of her was running down Nikolas’s tormented soul like a flock of downy hairy owls. He felt that he could trust her. He can’t end up like that … What was he thinking? What about his dreams? Hlín will listen to him. He knew it.

He walked to the goddess, slowly, as in a trance. His eyes were fixed on one point in front of him, he did not even look up into the benign face of Hlín. He reached her barely to the waist … Without waiting, he hugged her tightly. Finally, he felt the mother’s love that he had missed so much for so many years.

– Will you tell me your story? – Hlín asked gently.

The boy nodded. They sat on a nearby trunk, the goddess surrounded her arm with the sobbing body of Nikolas.

– It all started when I was three years old … or earlier? I don’t remember that … But I remember every bad word and gesture very clearly …


The songs that appeared on the album “We Suffer in Silence” are filled with emotions. It is a mix of amok, suffering, hope for a better tomorrow. They can be used for calming the soul. You cannot pass by indifferently thanks to the perfectly balanced heavy sounds and electronic / classic inserts. The Rasmus’s vocal abilities are amazing – in a moment he can go from the brain-busting growl to the higher and melodious parties. The other team members perfectly match each other in terms of skills and energy. Traditionally, I tried to choose the most epic song. I think it will be “Echoes”. I will not lie when I write that it was hard for me to fall asleep for a few nights, because refrain was knocking in my mind all the time. I recommend listening to the record on good headphones, not too loud so that you can catch all the nuances. Behind every listening session, you can discover something new. I recommend the album to fans of interesting melodic solutions in metal. I also recommend, if you will be able to, go to the concert Writing the Future and listen to the same songs live. It can be said that then all of the energy escapes their songs. However, listening to a CD at home is a moment of reflection.

And what’s next with Nikolas? I will leave this story unfinished. Let everyone find their own Hlín. Maybe in music, maybe in nature, maybe in dreams.

Because we are ourselves writing the future.


Writing the Future – “We Suffer in Silence”

  1. Therapist
  2. Sick of You
  3. Echoes
  4. Let go
  5. Eivol
  6. Suffer in Silence (bridge)
  7. The Eternal Chase for the Big Dream
  8. Run
  9. Til the Last Petal Falls
  10. Nausea
  11. Dear Mom

You will learn more about Writing the Future on their Facebook page

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